Therma Tech

The Therma tech system

The Therma tech superheated water cleaning system is conceived for the requirements of building conservation, restoration and refurbishment. The system is heighly effective at removing soot, grease, oil and organic matter from a wide range of substrates.

Therma Tech offers a safe and effective cleaning, conservation and restoration of masonary surfaces. Extremely effective at removing paint, including graffitit, from stone, brick, tiles and other outdoor surfaces.


The VorTech (full name VorTechnique), is a gentle, swirling vortex abrasive system for the removal of brittle soilings and coatings. VorTech is especially suited to hard soilings like polution and carbon staining.

We can remove the following substances:

  • dirt
  • graffiti
  • mould
  • pollution
  • paint
  • grease
  • soot
  • chewing gum
  • wax
  • bitumin
  • algae and biologial growths
  • metallic salts and oxidation

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